Prosecco Millesimato DOC Najma

Prosecco Millesimato DOC Najma

Najma Millesimato, a dazzling display of our finest vintages, where each refined bubble unfolds a tale of masterful craftsmanship and our family’s unwavering passion. This exquisite creation boasts a vibrant hue, an elegant perlage, and a rich bouquet, representing the perfect harmony between the unique terroir and our creative ingenuity.

Let the intricate olfactory tapestry envelop your senses, beginning with the gentle floral whispers of acacia and hawthorn. Journey further as the aroma evolves into intense fruity notes, meandering through hints of vanilla and honey, culminating in a crescendo of balsamic and citrus accents.

Upon your palate, Najma Millesimato weaves a symphony of harmony and delight. Savor the luxurious balance of velvety softness upon entry, the invigorating freshness of citrus notes, and the well-rounded flavor, culminating in a revitalizing bitter almond finale.

Najma Millesimato’s versatility makes it a superb companion for a variety of culinary adventures. While traditional pairings with seafood, shellfish, and sushi are always recommended, we encourage you to explore its exceptional harmony with risotto, white meats, or savory and spicy vegetable dishes. Experience the epitome of elegance and passion with Najma Millesimato.

Alc grade: 11% vol.
Total acidity: 5.12 g / l
Residual sugar: 4.4 g / l

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